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Our sign up process is super simple and will only require very basic information from you. Once logged in, the next step is to create your first enquiry to get proposals from manufacturers.

Select the best Manufacturers

Discuss your project in more detail. Consider their level of communication, their profile and portfolio, location and price among other factors to choose the best supplier for you.

Create your first enquiry

Our question guided enquiry form allows you to provide basic yet very important information about your project and what services you need. Sorcly will use this information to notify the most fitting candidates and filter out the best results.

Ask for a formal proposal

Once you have selected the best candidates for the job, discuss the payment terms, delivery terms and your contract terms and put this all into an offer.

Publish your enquiry to receive proposals

Once public, your enquiry will attract specialists and manufacturers who will contact you and offer their services, applying for your business. By creating an enquiry just once, you will receive multiple offers for companies all over the world.

Sorcly Connects for free

Sorcly acts as a bridge and we demand nothing. The only thing that we want is your search is swift and you met best manufacturers. Chat with the inquiries you have received and finalize your project.